24 hours automated
Cathay Movie Line 6235 1155

Credit Card Discounts / Movie Gift Vouchers / Complimentary Passes
Please note that credit card discounts, movie gift vouchers & complimentary passes are not applicable with phone bookings. These are only applicable at box office.

Instructions for use of the Interactive Voice Response System

Step 1: Introduction
Cathay Movie Line allows you to book movie tickets using the telephone and your credit card

*  for help at any time
# to move back a step

Step 2: Theatre Selection
Customer has to select a theatre in which he / she would prefer to watch a movie.

4  for the previous theatre in the list
5  to select the current theatre
6  for the next theatre in the list

Step 3: Movie Selection
Following the Cineplex Selection (after pressing 5), the customer will be prompted to select a movie.

Customers under the age of 21 are not allowed to view R21 movies.

4  for the previous movie title in the list
5  to select the current movie title
6  for the next movie title in the list

Step 4: Booking by Day of Month or Date of Week
Here the customer has to select the booking method.

1  to book by Day. Subsequently, the customer will be prompted to

1  Today
2  Tomorrow

2  to book by Date. For the date selection, the customer has to enter 2 digits for day and 2 digits for month. (ie. 0203 for 2nd of March)

Step 5: Time Selection
A list of all available showtimes, based on the above date selection, will be displayed. Users will be requested to make his selection from this list.

Step 6: Quantity
This applies to the number of tickets for the selected movie. The maximum number of tickets is 10. Key in the appropriate number of tickets to be purchased, followed by the # key.

Step 7: Verification
At this stage, selection made by the customer is read out.

1  to confirm your selections
2  if you have changed your mind.
(All previous selections made will be erased and the customer will be brought back to the welcome menu again.)

Having done that, the system will verify the specified details (cinema venue, movie title, day & time of movie screening, number of seats booked etc.). If all details are accurate, the system will go ahead and conduct a check to see if seats are available and if so, a request for the caller’s payment particulars will set in. The entire booking process will be completed once this information is obtained and the system will have the booking of seats physically blocked. Alternatively, you may wish to make your bookings using the
V-CODE System.




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